About MAP

MAP is a young, forward-thinking architectural practice based in east London that works on a range of projects for living, working and learning, including homes, schools, community facilities and masterplans.

We set up in 2012, founded by two friends working in large architectural practices. Growing frustrated with the limited amount we could achieve in the world, we decided that we wanted to do something – not just plan, talk or theorise, but actually do something that had a real impact on the things that mattered most to us.

We decided that our principles should be to help people get the most out of their land and buildings in a healthy and sustainable way. We have since grown our team, collecting like-minded people along the way and building an effective practice that can tackle a wide range of problems.

We want to improve life through creative and intelligent design, to provide positive and proactive support to the people we work with, and to conserve our environment and our culture for future generations to enjoy. We want to support our clients’ well-being  objectives – and to be happy doing what we do.

Although we each have our specialist expertise, we love to work on interesting projects of any kind, with people who inspire us. We focus on the process as much as the product. We work closely with clients, users and other specialists to design buildings and spaces that carefully respond to individual people, places and activities.

Our Service

MAP Architecture provide an open-minded, enthusiastic and a hands-on approach to all our work.

We like to undertake meaningful engagement work with all our clients – from individual self-builders and home-improvers to commercial developers, cooperative groups and civic institutions.

We believe that our work should have a lasting and positive impact – and that it should improve well-being, reduce environmental impact and cultivate positive cultures around important social issues.

We are passionate about the craft of building – and by listening closely to our clients, we identify their requirements before presenting creative and innovative design solutions. The same attention and dedication is given to every project from beginning to end, with the aim of creating architecture of the highest quality at the lowest possible economic and environmental cost.

Whether it’s a community centre, a school, a block of flats or a rear extension, good architecture has the potential to have a positive impact on people - whether that’s through promoting learning, improving productivity, bringing people together or providing a space to relax and unwind.

We believe that buildings can do so much more than just look good in photos! Architecture has the potential to improve people’s lives and that’s what’s important to us.