British film institute - restack / refurb

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Refurbishment of the BFI’s Archive and Conservation Building in Berkhamsted to improve current working methods and to enhance team wellbeing and cohesion.

In July 2018, MAP architecture were appointed, via OJUE, to undertake a series of stakeholder engagement workshops with the BFI and to develop options for the refurbishment and restack of their existing Berkhamsted facility.

The J. Paul Getty Jnr. Conservation Centre, purpose built and opened 1986, has been extended and refurbished several time and now accommodates film, television and video conservation and archival projects and storage. A series of temporary buildings are now coming to the end of their lifespan and the project looks to integrate all of the services provided on site into the existing building.

The project rearranges the current building to bring teams closer together, allowing the teams to work more efficiently. The project also seeks to improve collaboration through a series of ‘shared’ facilities.