Creek cabin - Suffolk

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Innovative replacement dwelling in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for a private client.

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This c. 250 m2 home sits within an internationally-recognised, RAMSAR-designated wetland and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Suffolk Broads. The project has required a flood-resilient approach to construction, as well as extensive pre-application consultation with the local authority and statutory consultees in order to provide the necessary reassurance of design quality in a sensitive location.

The project is technically complex - with the client requiring a range of innovative features including a green roof designed to ‘float’ above the main building, a pneumatic lift and a range of off-grid energy systems. The project is designed to Passivhaus standards with high levels of insulation and airtightness and has also involved the discharge of extensive pre-commencement planning conditions relating to the timing of works and sectional occupation by the client.

The building is being procured using a cost-plus construction management methodology, allowing client, architect and builder to actively collaborate on the finer details of construction.

The design has been developed in collaboration with Jon Broome Architects and completion is expected in 2020.

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